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30 km of Public Beaches!
700 km of Nature Trails!
So Many Things to See and Do!

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Trips to the Chaleur Region are equally rewarding at any time of the year. While many places have shut-down seasons, we thrive 365 days of the year.


Feel comfortable speaking English or French anywhere you visit. Acadian and Indigenous heritage is celebrated and is an essential part of the fabric of our communities.


By road, rail, water or air – we make it easy to get here, stay here and do business here.


Business in northeastern NB is woven into our region, from tourism to professional services to industry.

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The modern world moves swiftly and there’s precious little time to indulge in the ability to do something good for your soul. The Chaleur region creates opportunities to take advantage of pastimes that bring joy. The opportunity to unplug, or plug in.

There is so much here – opportunity, relaxation, adventure, nature, commerce, and friendship to recharge the mind, body and soul.