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Lobster : Shops in the Chaleur Region

(WARNING: this post may cause serious lobster cravings.)

It’s lobster season!

Everybody in the Chaleur region will tell you: if you’re looking to eat lobster #ChaleurStyle, your first stop will be at your local fish shop!

Bags of claws, bodies, tails, hard-shell, soft-shell, live or pre-cooked…leave it to the pros to get you the best local lobster in town!

We dropped by three of the local shops in the Chaleur region, who never fail to provide us with fresh Lobsters.

From Nigadoo to Bathurst, we met up with Poissonnerie Arseneau Fish Market Ltée/Ltd , Fish on Wheels and Mcleans Fish Shop.

 Go through our gallery to find out more!


Mclean’s Fish Shop

For those visiting Bathurst, McLean’s Fish Shop will be your lobster paradise.
They’re located at 624 Garden Street and have everything you’ll need for a lobster feast – lobster galore, tools, butter, memorabilia, t-shirts…just to name a few!


Fish On Wheels

You’ll probably be on the “rue Principale” in Beresford a few times this summer, so make sure you stop by Fish on Wheels!
Roger will supply you with all the fresh lobster you can eat…and then some! This convenient spot is a favourite among the locals.
946 rue Principale, Beresford


Arseneau Fish Market

If you’re looking for lobster goodness, the Arseneau Fish Market is the prime spot in the Nigadoo area.
For all the lobster lovers, this is a one-stop shop for everything you’ll need for some serious “Chaleur Style” lobster eatin’. Not only are they real pros at packing lobster for travelling, but their large holding tanks even allow them to produce fresh lobster all year ’round!
221 Rue Principale, Nigadoo

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