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Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail

The historic Mi’gmaq hiking trail is a 140 km single track hiking trail that follows the mighty Nepisiguit River from mountains to the sea (from Mount Carleton Park in central New Brunswick to Daly Point Nature Reserve in Bathurst).  Listen to the river and the birds. Relax and enjoy nature at its best.
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Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail

The Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail, follows the shoreline of the Nepisiguit River for about 140 km from Daly Point nature reserve to the foothills of Mount Carleton. It was used by the Mi’gmaq people for thousands of years for a variety of purposes, including access to tribal hunting, fishing, trapping, and gathering sites, spring and fall migration, as well as a thoroughfare over which the Mi’gmaq traveled to interact and trade with other First Nation communities.

This historic artery into the New-Brunswick wilderness is rich in cultural heritage sites, which date back much earlier than historical records would indicate. Fragments of stone tools have been recovered from archeological sites along the river which date back some 5000 years. Rock blinds used for hunting caribou can still be found along the trail.