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Petit-Rocher Village

Cradle of the Acadian people and site of the original Caisse populaire acadienne, Petit-Rocher is a magnificent municipality with a population of 1,908 residents located on the shore of the beautiful Bay of Chaleur in New Brunswick. Known for its community spirit, the town offers a wealth of cultural and sports activities. Its facilities have no equal in the province.
582, Principale road, Petit-Rocher, NB E8J 1S5 (506) 542-2686

Tourist Landmarks

While visiting in Petit-Rocher, make sure to ckeck out the our beach, wharf and our local restaurants.

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Petit-Rocher Village

Parc de la Plage

The beach at Petit-Rocher is fully integrated into the concept of a family-oriented recreational tourism park. There are several picnic sites and a variety of games such as volleyball, horseshoes and ring toss as well as sanitary facilities and outdoor showers. The beach is unsupervised, but the water is very shallow at low tide for several meters, ideal for small children

Entertainment and activities all summer at the Parc de la plage.

The Wharf

The wharf is the best place to meet fishermen, tourists and residents. You can also purchase fresh fish and seafood there. Depending on the season, the fishermen catch lobster, scallops, mackerel and crab.

Anyone who is interested, for a modest fee, can take a tour with one of the fisherman who will be glad to take you out to sea to enjoy a wonderful experience.

Pleasure craft also use the wharf in summer.

Nature Trail and Sports Complex

The Petit-Rocher peat bog is among the sites with the greatest floristic diversity in the province.

This unique wetland located just south of the trail is classified as a minerotrophic peatland. The peat in minerotrophic peatlands is saturated with water, much like ombrotrophic peatlands. However, the dominant plants are not the same, as they are affected by the high calcium content of slowly moving groundwater. Many of the plants growing here are rarely seen elsewhere in New Brunswick, and the autumn willow (Salix serissima) does not occur anywhere else in the province.

In short, life in Petit-Rocher is good, and it is an ideal place to raise children.

See you there!