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Tom and Julie discover the Chaleur Region

We ran into Tom and Julia, a cool couple biking through the Chaleur Region from Ohio…

Tom: We were planning to stay one night and bike through, but ended up staying 4 days and 3 nights… because it was so beautiful and peaceful.
Julia: We honestly haven’t stayed three nights anywhere since we left home in May. Anywhere. We wanted to go paddling… it was just a really peaceful place to stay, and of course the hosts are so nice.

Chaleur: What are you taking away from this region?
Julia: You’re natural beauty… the friendliness of the people…it’s very welcoming. It’s been great.
Tom: Just the diversity of things you can do that we weren’t aware of… the hiking, the canoeing, the potentials…
Julia: We’d like to come back in the fall and go on the Sentier Nepisiguit Mi’gmaq Trail. The dedication of the volunteers is very admirable… to preserve the spirit of the trail… the passion… I am very moved by the story.

Follow their adventures on https://cyclingintotheblue.blogspot.com/

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